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The dinosaurs that walked along algae-covered mud flats left deep footprints. Those tracks were subsequently filled in and covered by sediments, thousands of feet thick. Mineral-rich water seeping into the mud, along with heat and pressure of the overburden gradually turned them to stone.  See model dinosaurs and hundreds of real tracks! ​

Antique & Vintage Showcase

Our one-of-a-kind antique and vintage museum collection will take you on a journey from the 1800's to the 1950's showcasing old-fashioned, conversation pieces donated to the museum by those who grew up in the Texas Hill Country.

Native American Indian Exhibits

Discover what the Native Americans ("Indians") left behind for our present day museum visitors to see, as those ancients migrated through our area from thousands of years ago up through the 1800's!

Fossil Display

Around one hundred million years ago, the Central Texas area was a shallow sea with an abundance of sea and animal life.  We have many fossils from this time period found locally on display.  If on a tour, you can find some of your own to keep!

Antique Farm Equipment

Come see our extensive outdoor display of historical farming accessories used in the Texas Hill Country area from the time of the first pioneer families.​

Also see

The Canyon Lake Dam Construction exhibit, the Cretaceous and Heritage Gardens, ​and the Nature Trail, displaying local native plants!​


We also offer a library for members to learn more about our exhibits and pioneer families.